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I was in Jamaica last weekend for my grandmother’s funeral. I was itching to go back to JA now that I have my camera but I didn’t want to go back for this reason. 

I took a couple post worthy shots so I’ll put them up on the neglected photo blog here

I have homework to catch up on so it’ll take me a while to get them out. Stay tuned.


23rd Street, NY, 2014

justiseverything said: The “real ones” probably cost the same to make as the “fakes” anyway.

thats true

Free Buju

I bought some fake Ray Bans at a gas station. I doubt they’ll be able to tell they’re fake when I wear them in Jamaica two weeks from now.



"Bronx Boys" by Stephen Shames.

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Eli Fola.

by Emmanuel Afolabi.


Get the stories behind 17 rare and unseen Bob Marley photographs.


Test photos - Kashira Dowridge

I suck at math. There’s a chance that I won’t pass this semester but I refuse to ask for help. Especially since the people that are knowledgeable enough to help me are younger.


Mad Men Season 7

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  • Homework: A
  • Classwork: A
  • Project: A
  • Test: F
  • Final grade: F


me by kingtexas

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Really sorry to hear that man, it’s never easy to seeing your elders go. But there’s bit of joy in realizing their physical journey is over and knowing they’ve begun a new spiritual quest that tops everything things they’ve experienced via human life
Thanks, man. I appreciate it