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For some reason I couldn’t upload a picture from the MacBooks to Tumblr on Tuesday at the Apple store so I took this on an iPhone. I finally bought an ear cuff. I want to pierce it but this’ll do for now

An American Flag made out of Chucks.

This chair in the Converse store.

I finally went to the Converse store in Soho last week to hopefully get a new pair of kicks, and didn’t see anything that I liked.


Still a nice store though.

The light is much better over here. 

At the Apple store in SoHo. The lighting in here is horrible. Or maybe I’m too dark.

I’m out to this college tour to see if it’s worth my time. Then after that you can catch me in SoHo.

I still want these.

Jimi Hendrix Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top

Jimi Hendrix Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top

Converse specialty store in SoHo. Opening on Black Friday.

#Converse  #SoHo  

Saw this a couple of months ago in SoHo.

"Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today."